Toilet Twinning

St Barnabas the Encourager and Frogmore Junior School are changing the world by spending a penny – they’ve twinned all toilets in the church and three school blocks with latrines in Burundi.


Toilet TwinningRev Mike Saunders heard about Toilet Twinning at a Christian summer conference and was inspired to get his local community supporting this unique initiative.

Mike commented: “I love the idea of Toilet Twinning. It is so easy to take our toilets for granted; a simple picture of a latrine in Burundi is a great reminder of how privileged we are.”

It was all cisterns go, and the congregation and school raised over £1,000, enough to twin ten loos and three school toilet blocks with latrines in central Africa. The money raised will help to build families secure, clean toilets and to improve sanitation and hygiene through projects to supply clean water.

Taking pride of place in the twinned loos are their Toilet Twinning certificates, complete with photographs of each African ‘twin’ and their GPS coordinates, so members can look up the exact location on Google maps.

Cherie McClintock, Toilet Twinning manager at Tearfund says, “We are delighted with this support from St Barnabas the Encourager and Frogmore Junior School for a cause that is so often ignored, despite its scale and importance.

“It might sound like a potty idea but it’s astounding what a difference a simple latrine and clean water can make, impacting a person’s health, dignity and ability to earn a living.”

Inadequate sanitation is one of the world’s biggest killers, and water-related diseases keep children out of school and parents at home and out of work. An integrated approach to water, hygiene and sanitation reduces the number of deaths caused by diarrhoeal diseases by nearly 60%.

Since Toilet Twinning’s launch in 2009 more than 1,600 latrines have been built in Burundi, helping almost 10,000 people to go to the loo in a safe, private and hygienic way.

For World Water Day this week (22 March), rather than washing your hands of the problem why not visit to twin your loo.

Toilet Twinning is a partnership between development agencies Cord and Tearfund to raise funds for poverty alleviation around the world, including improving water and sanitation in some of the world’s poorest countries.

More than 433 million school days are lost each year because of water-borne disease. Every 20 seconds a child dies from diarrhoeal diseases and 60 percent of all rural diseases are caused by poor hygiene and sanitation.