Motorcyles for Uganda

We have just received an email from Bishop Nathan in Uganda, thanking the congregation at St Barnabas for providing the funds for them to purchase two motorcyles to to assist their village priests to visit their parishoners.


On 12/02/2011

From: Bishop Nathan Kyamanywa
To: Rev. Mike Saunders

Dear Mike,

As a follow up on Thad's " THANK YOU" e-mail, allow me too to send my official and personal compliments for the generous gesture which you and your church extended to us through the gift of two motocycles which we gave to the most deserving and needy pastors. Rev.Mike, thank you for having a cmpassionate heart and mobilising your parish to help out in this need; I also thank all the christians of your parish for trusting you when you made the appeal, it shows me that your parishoners are hearing the voice of their pastor. Both you (Mike ) as pastor and your christians have joined us here in Bunyoro-Kitara Diocese to minister to our remotest congregations, we thank you and are proud to be partners with you in Mission.

As Bishop, none of you will never know the joy that came to my heart to see my two humble, loyal, hardworking pastors getting easier transport to eas their work, long time before becoming Bishop, I worked in a parish with 16 churches without a bicycle, I know how hard it is and how discouraging it can be, so I see myself in these pastors. Once again thank you and God bless you richly, let our partnership continue.


On 12/02/2011, Thad Cox wrote:

Dear Rev. Mike and all of your wonderfully loving Christians,

Thank Youp Thank You Thank You!!

We really do apologize for the long delay that we had in being able to pass on your Christians fantastic gifts on to two of our village Priests.

The reason for the delay was that the government was very slow in getting the new TVS motorcycles changed over into the name of Bunyoro-Kitara Diocese. Finally, on Friday morning we received the new logbooks and Bishop Nathan was able to ask the two Priests to come to Hoima to pick up their new motorcycles.

I wish that I was able to convey how thrilled and overwhelmed both Priests were when the saw their first motorcycles. Both of these Priests Parishes are located in very remote villages and up until today the only means of transportation they had to travel to their various Parishes was on an old worn out Hero bicycle.

The First Priests name is Rev. Johnson Kinkerama. Rev. Johnson is currently overseeing two Parishes (Morongo Parish, which has six different Churches and Kisaliz Parish, which has fourteen different Churches). The Parish is approximately 20 miles long by 16 miles wide and as you can well imagine the need of a motorcycle was enormous.

The Second Priests name is Ord. Eric Magezi. Rev. Eric will be ordained this coming Palm Sunday and he is currently overseeing Rusekere Parishe, which has 11 different Churches. The Parish is approximately 19 miles long by 17 miles wide and as you can well imagine the need of a motorcycle was enormous.

As you know very, very few of our Parish Priests or their Parishes are financially able to purchase a Parish motorcycle with their own resources. As a result the ministry of the Church and the Parish Priests Ministry suffers.

Please let all of your Christians know what a wonderful thing they have done for our Church here in Uganda and please let them know how grateful we all are for their Love and Generosity.

I also apologize for the quality of the photo I have attached of the handover. My camera went crazy and the auto exposure failed. I pray that they are good enough to let you all see what you have done for the Christians here in this part of Uganda.

On behalf of Bishop Nathan, Rev. Johnson Kinkerama, Ord. Eric Magezi, me and all of the rest of our Christians let me say THANK YOU and May our Lord and Savior fill all of your Hearts with the Joy of the indwelling Holy Spirit!!!

Yours in Jesus,