Trees for Hoima

The churches and schools of Darby Green and Eversley joined together at Harvest Festival 2012 to raise money to plant trees in Hoima, Uganda.

Trees for HoimaHelp Hoima is charity which right from inception has demonstrated an attitude of listening to the needs of the local community of Hoima, which is the main town of our link diocese, Bunyoro Kitara. Here, as most people cook on wood, this has resulted in a lack of trees.

Tree Planting is an environmental and economic project, which the diocese has been running for the last 9 years, but has been hampered by lack of funds to plant the many trees requires. Help Hoima is providing the much needed support to the community who depends heavily on this project, as it will generate funds to continue supporting schools and the clinic and other projects in a sustainable way.

Between them, the people of Darby Green and Eversley raised £930 for this project.

A BIG thank you to everyone who has given so generously. Each pound will buy a tree, which will be planted on church land in the William Wallace Forest. Our hope a prayer is that as other land owners see a sustainably managed forest they will follow suit and also plant more woodland. Together we can change the world.

Thanks again

Yours sincerely
Mike Saunders